Amsterdam | Micro Bong giftset with 1 x Bong - 1 x Grinder - 1 x lighter - 5 x screen - 1 x KS Rolli

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This exclusive Smoking Giftset contains all the tools needed for a great smoke session, from grinding the herb to taking a rip. With a colorful and eyecatching tin box, this portable set suits all the needs of the "on-the-go" smoker. Our set includes: 1 x Grinder, 1 x Lighter, 1 x Filter tips, 5 x Screens, 1 x Pipe, 1 x Bong.


Ice: No
Öl: No
Led: No
Schliff: 14.5mm
Dicke: 3mm
Höhe: 16
Durchmesser: 24
Farbe: Red
Form: Round Base
Bent Neck: No
Stemless: No
Sidecar: No
Recycler: No
Percolator: No

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